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Below, at my part time day job!!! Babysitting Dogs along with my friend Erin.

On the right, just some more of my animal friends!


Peter Noone of Hermit's Hermit below and me!

On the Way to Playboy Expo Show

This was a very special day. The four of us Playmates, Diane Chandler, Lisa Baker, DeDe Lind and myself were taken by our taxi driver to the grave site of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was the first Playboy Playmate. She was and is our idol. We all felt very spiritual that day, visiting Marilyn's resting place. We all stood quietly with our hands touching her plaque. Sharing for a moment a common bond. I hope her spirit has found peace.
Visiting Natalie Wood's grave site. I felt such sadness here.

Playboy Expo. Here I am with my Playmate friends. From left to right, Lisa Baker, Penny Baker and me.

Frolicking in the garden at Hef's reunion party ! Dancing the night away...I am dancing with photographer Albert Ortega at the Playboy Mansion.

Hef's New Year's Eve Party, 1998 at the Playboy Mansion with my Playmate sister's.

Chicago 2000,Glamourcon with Playmate Ellenor Bradley Miss Feb.1959 and me on the left. Just having fun above with Playmate Nancy Harwood Miss Feb. 1968 and Tatiana at the Glamourcon show.


Lillian Muller Miss August 1975 and Playmate of the Year '76. And on the right Playmate Victoria Zdrok Miss October 1994,and her sister Tatiana at the Chicago Glamourcon.

All in red is Lorrie Menconi, Miss February 1969, and me.

Hanging with Dianne Chandler Miss September 1966, along with Lauren Hays on the left and Playmate Deanna Brooks on the right.

Pompeo Posar surrounded by Janet Lupo and Helena Antonaccio, Jersey Playmates at the Glamourcon. Pompeo was the photographer who shot both of our centerfolds for Playboy.

At the Chicago Glamourcon!!! 


At The Clark Museum in Massachusetts in front of Bouguereau's Nymphs and Satyr. Painted in 1873.I just think it is so sexy.

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